2019 Celebration of Easwaran’s Life & Teachings

Explore Easwaran’s teachings on “Seeing the Divine Everywhere.”


This October, passage meditators around the world will be setting aside time to celebrate Easwaran’s life and teachings by diving into the theme of “Seeing the Divine Everywhere.” Studying content from the Fall 2019 edition of the Blue Mountain Journal titled Seeing the Lord in All and focusing on the passage “The One Appearing as Many,” we will each have the opportunity to absorb Easwaran’s rich teachings on this topic.

Every year since his passing in 1999, the BMCM has celebrated Easwaran’s life and teachings and his students have set aside time to honor their teacher and rededicate themselves to their spiritual practices. For the past three years, we’ve expanded this celebration to include a flexible curriculum that can be used by passage meditators around the world to support them in deepening their own practice and their connection with Easwaran. We’re pleased to offer this resource again, and look forward to spending this month striving to see the divine everywhere.

 When we attain nirvana, we discover simultaneously that we and the universe are one. The world of multiplicity dissolves; the world of separateness falls away. We no longer see people as separate, and we no longer see any form of life as separate. We see everyone, every creature, as the One appearing to be many.”  –Eknath Easwaran, from the Blue Mountain Journal: Seeing the Lord in All 

Using the Celebration Curriculum

The Celebration curriculum is made up of four modules that you can use in any way that is helpful for your own reflection.

Each of the four modules contains study ideas for individuals, study groups, families with young children, teens and youth, and for those who have more time to devote to this month’s activities.

Many of our BMCM community members will be studying the material weekly starting in the first week of October. You can follow the curriculum week by week by participating in the eSatsang, or by signing up for the Wednesdays With the BMCM newsletter. 

Join the Conversation

This event provides a unique opportunity to work in depth on your own spiritual practice together with meditators around the world. You’ll be able to learn from others and have a chance to share your own reflections.

This year, the eSatsang will be hosting an open discussion about the curriculum throughout the month of October. The eSatsang is an online community that provides passage meditators with a space to engage with Easwaran’s teachings and to discuss his eight-point program.

Outside of October, the eSatsang is curated to support those with an established passage meditation practice, but for the coming weeks we invite anyone who would like to engage with the celebration curriculum to join, whether or not you are practicing passage meditation. After October, if you joined for the Celebration curriculum we’ll ask you if you want to unsubscribe to the eSatsang, but if you find it supports your practice of the eight points, you’re welcome to stay.

You can sign up for the eSatsang via the form below. You’ll receive instructions about how to join in the discussion, and you can unsubscribe at any time. We hope you’ll join in the conversation – each of our contributions helps to make the month a rich, shared experience.

Join the eSatsang

Join the passage meditators from around the world to discuss the Celebration curriculum

Optional Resources

There are a number of optional online resources you might enjoy incorporating into your reflection:

  • Easwaran Digital Library: The Easwaran Digital Library is a free subscription, offering rich audio and video talks previously unavailable to our worldwide audience. The Library contains a selection of unedited talks, curated to include all of Easwaran’s signature themes and spanning all decades of his teachings from the 1960s to the 1990s. It’s a wonderful resource for accessing Easwaran’s teachings directly.
  • From the BMCM Community: A Personal Retreat to Celebrate Easwaran’s Life & Teachings –This article shares an example of how one meditator created a personal retreat to engage with the Celebration curriculum .
  • From the BMCM Community: Our Real Self – This video shares reflections from passage meditators on the 2018 Celebration curriculum and may inspire your own reflections this year!

Celebration Curriculum

Module #1: Study Easwaran’s Article, “Seeing God Everywhere”

This module offers a reading study of the article, “Seeing God Everywhere” from the most recent Blue Mountain Journal. The curriculum contains reflection questions, an experiment, and an opportunity to share your comments with others in the eSatsang.

Example experiment from the curriculum: In this article, Easwaran says:

“It is the urgent need of our time to recognize the unity of all forms of life, and the intimate relationship between water, earth, air, plants, and all creatures.”

This week, allow your own daily spiritual rhythms to connect with the cosmic rhythms of nature. Begin the day by waking with the mantram, then meditate, work one-pointedly, interact lovingly with others, and go off to sleep at night with the mantram. How does this daily spiritual rhythm help you to notice and appreciate “the unity of all forms of life”?

  • Module #1 Curriculum (PDF)
  • Full Article, “Seeing God Everywhere” (webpage or PDF)

Module #2: Focus on a Passage, “The One Appearing as Many”

This module focuses on the passage from the Shvetashvatara Upanishad titled “The One Appearing as Many.” There’s an audio clip of Christine reading the passage, a video clip of Easwaran describing what it means practically to see “the One appearing as many” and the opportunity for you to reflect on the meaning of the passage and to begin memorizing it.

Module #3: Prepare Inwardly for Easwaran’s Life Celebration & Create a Plan to Join in

This module guides you through planning how you would like to prepare inwardly for the October 26 Celebration of Easwaran’s Life and Teachings, and also how to participate in activities that day. For example, you may decide to take a mantram walk, share readings with others, watch a video, and meditate in your home or with others.

  • Module #3: Curriculum (PDF)

Module #4:  Celebrate and Share!

This module focuses on reflection on the Life Celebration theme and the activities of October 26 – you’ll find, for example, a special Easwaran video being shown at Ramagiri Ashram which you can access at home, encouragement to share with others how you are celebrating through the eSatsang, an opportunity to send a photo to Christine Easwaran of your celebration activities, and ideas about extra resources for reflection and rededication.

We hope you’ll take part in these activities in whichever way suits you, and that October will bring deep inspiration from Easwaran for us all!