The BMCM 2022 Celebration of Easwaran’s Life & Teachings


 When we attain nirvana, we discover simultaneously that we and the universe are one. The world of multiplicity dissolves; the world of separateness falls away. We no longer see people as separate, and we no longer see any form of life as separate. We see everyone, every creature, as the One appearing to be many.”– Eknath Easwaran 

Every year since his passing in 1999, the BMCM has celebrated Easwaran’s life and teachings in late October, and his students have used this time to honor their teacher and rededicate themselves to their spiritual practice. For the past four years, this Celebration has expanded to include the worldwide community of Easwaran’s students. This has been a wonderful time of collective striving with each of us deepening our own practice and our connection with Easwaran.

The theme of this year’s Celebration is “Seeing the Lord in All,” drawing on Easwaran’s teachings in the Fall 2019 Blue Mountain Journal with the same title.

Read on to learn more about how you can join in the BMCM’s five week-long study on the theme of “Seeing the Lord in All” and participate in the Celebration mantram day on Sunday, October 23. 

Five-Week Journal Study

The BMCM will be using the five weeks leading up to the Celebration on Sunday, October 23 to dive deep into the Fall 2019 Blue Mountain Journal. We’ll be hosting the study via two of our existing satsangs: BMCM Satsang Live, and the eSatsang. You are welcome to choose one of these satsangs to follow along with, or to join both. You can also choose to join the complete five-week study or to participate only in the weeks that work for your schedule.

BMCM Satsang Live

BMCM Satsang Live is a video satsang hosted by BMCM presenters that is offered twice a week, on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time and Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Beginning on Tuesday, September 20, BMCM Satsang Live will spend five weeks reading through the journal. BMCM Satsang Live intentionally repeats the satsang material on Sunday to make it accessible for friends around the world. You are welcome to attend either session, or both!

BMCM Satsang Live

Learn more about this twice-weekly satsang and join in!

BMCM eSatsang

The eSatsang is an online community that provides passage meditators with a space to engage with Easwaran’s teachings and to discuss his eight-point program. The eSatsang shares weekly content for personal study and reflection and offers opportunities to share comments with other passage meditators. The eSatsang will begin studying the journal on Friday, September 23.

BMCM eSatsang

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Celebration on Sunday, October 23

On Sunday, October 23 we invite Easwaran’s students around the world to participate in a day of mantrams dedicated to peace and healing in the world. We invite you to make BMCM Satsang Live the centerpiece of your mantram day and join us there at 9:40 a.m. Pacific Time to write the mantram before the program begins at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time. As part of BMCM Satsang Live, we’ll all watch a video on the theme of “Seeing the Lord in All.”

Our collective effort to keep our mantrams going as much of the day as possible, from the time we wake up until the time we drift off to sleep at night, is a wonderful offering to Easwaran to celebrate his life and teachings.

We’ll leave you with a continuation of the excerpt from Easwaran from the “Seeing the Lord in All,”  Fall 2019 Blue Mountain Journal.

Whenever we are able to forget our own petty satisfactions in working for the welfare of the whole, whether it is for our family, our community, or our world, we are becoming a little more aware of the Lord.

Whenever we are able to remember that what hurts us hurts others too, and are able to refrain from unkind words and deeds and even thoughts, we are becoming a little more aware of the Lord. Whenever we are able to respond patiently and positively to others even if they are hostile to us or rub us the wrong way, we are becoming a little more aware of the Lord.

Through the practice of spiritual disciplines, we can awaken into the highest life possible: we will see God everywhere, serve him everywhere, worship her everywhere.