New Offerings & Updates: “An Underlying Unity”


“When we start living for others, we come to life. All our deeper capacities flow into our hands; our security increases and our wisdom grows, as does our creative ability to solve the problems that confront the world. Living and acting selflessly, we will be constantly aware that all life is one and that throughout creation there is an underlying unity binding us all together.”  
– Eknath Easwaran

Dear Friends,

In our temporary physical seclusion, we are only more aware of the enduring spiritual connection that all of us who respond to Sri Easwaran’s teachings share.

And you have surely been “present” here at the BMCM – in the mantrams we dedicate to your well-being, and at the heart of our work to share Easwaran’s teachings with you in ways both established and new. And, most of all, through your own connection with him as the living force that inspired this work, this ashram, and this worldwide community into being and that flows through them powerfully today.

We’re writing to introduce some of those new ways to experience his teachings. And as “new” as they are, it’s striking that they are simply extensions of offerings Easwaran himself launched. It reminds us of Rumi’s words: “The forms may change, yet the essence remains the same.”

I want to thank our small but dedicated band of staff and volunteers on three continents who have worked together seamlessly to help keep our operations going and bring these offerings to you.

In This Message:

  • Launch of online retreats
  • New special edition of Blue Mountain Journal (digital only)
  • Update on the new BMCM Satsang Live
  • A word about keeping Easwaran’s work thriving, and one way to help
  • A short message from Christine Easwaran

Launch of Online Retreats

Earlier this year, a group of intrepid seniors signed up for our pilot online retreat. Several of them had never used Zoom or similar software before, and we had our own learning curve to climb. The retreatants’ enthusiastic feedback, the ease and depth of their participation, and our own evaluation convinced us: Online retreats are not only possible; they open unique opportunities. During these uncertain times, we can practice the invisible art of infusing our homes with ever-deeper love and wisdom.

Online returnee weekend, weeklong, and Setu retreats are now open for registration. If you haven't attended a BMCM retreat before, an introductory webinar is a great way to get instruction and inspiration. You can watch the recording of one we gave last weekend here and find more resources here. Easwaran's spiritual renaissance can start flourishing at your address.

Since the 1980s, in-person BMCM retreats have been treasured times of growth and companionship. We feel honored to continue that tradition with you in this new way!

New Special Edition of Blue Mountain Journal

We’re delighted to share another way to stay connected and go deeper. “Wisdom and Compassion in a Global Crisis” is the new special issue of our journal (digital only), in which Easwaran speaks directly to the challenges and opportunities of our times. You'll also find stories from readers who draw strength from their passage meditation practice while sheltering in place or working on the front lines.

After reading this edition, I felt inspired and hopeful – and deeply thankful to Easwaran. I was struck by how profound his insights are and, at the same time, so practical.

Wisdom and Compassion in a Global Crisis

Read the latest edition of the Blue Mountain Journal

Update on the New BMCM Satsang Live

Having online fellowship with about 90 of you through the new BMCM Satsang Live has been a joy. We have been surprised by the power of the simple format: reading Easwaran's words, watching an online talk, and then turning off our devices to meditate together wherever we are.  It has been touching to receive many notes like this one:

“I do so enjoy the twice-weekly BMCM Satsang Live. It is wonderful to hear the words of our beloved teacher spoken aloud by the presenters. When we watch Sri Easwaran’s video, it’s almost as if we have walked into Shanti [the meditation hall at Ramagiri Ashram] to see and hear him. It is a bright light in these challenging times.”

To join these gatherings or learn more about them, click here.

Keeping Easwaran’s Work Thriving: One Way to Help

The present global crisis has affected our finances – and we know it may have affected yours too. But if you are in a position to offer financial support, of any amount, we welcome it and will regard it as a sacred trust. All of our work depends on donations, and we hope to continue our full range of free offerings and programs.

Thank you for all your loving support in so many ways – past, present, and future!

Make a Gift

Help create a brighter future

Message from Christine Easwaran

Much as Easwaran did, Christine makes daily rounds at the BMCM, checking in at our main office regularly. These days, her steps may be a bit slower – though just as persevering. She still covers the property from the northernmost building to the south end of the access road.

When our local “shelter in place” orders went into effect, she walked into the office where a skeleton crew was spending the day taking calls, answering mail, meeting online with remote co-workers, paying bills, and, of course, disinfecting. As she continued on her way, Christine smiled and said, “Nothing stops the BMCM!”

Well, nothing stops her either. A co-founder of the BMCM, she has been an unfailing guiding force and support for six decades. Beneath the inevitable physical effects of her almost 99 years, her presence gives a quiet, powerful sense of the “changeless amidst the changing.”

We asked if she had any words for you, and she said simply and with deep care and respect, “You are very important to us, and we do our best to bring you Easwaran’s message. We send you our mantrams and best wishes.”

A Living Presence

As we continue to “shelter in place,” we have the daily companionship of things unseen but very real. The palpable sense of Easwaran's presence. The enduring, loving commitment of his students to his teachings, his vision, and his mission – a commitment that time has tested and strengthened and will continue to do so as we all carry his work into the future. And finally, the awe-inspiring awareness that the BMCM is much, much bigger than we can know. Easwaran is a living presence in hearts around the world, and the real work comes through the transformation in each of those hearts.

We look forward to continuing that much-needed work together, and to staying connected and inspired all along the way!

David Bishop