YA Cohort Program

Deepen Your Eight-Point Program Practice in an Intense and Extended Way

The Young Adult Cohort Program is for passage meditators in their 20s and 30s.

Young Adult (late teens, 20s, 30s)
Tomales, California, USA
6 months

Cohort Program

The Young Adult Cohort Program takes place over a three-month period during which we dive deep into our spiritual practice. It includes activities you can do right in your own home, as well as retreat opportunities in Tomales. Information about all the aspects and registration is below, and be sure to see the new travel scholarships we’re able to offer this year! 

Cohort Program Goals

The main goal of the Cohort Program is for us to deepen our eight-point program practice in an intense and extended way. This is a commitment we’ll each be making personally for the duration of the program, and as a group we’ll be supporting and encouraging each other throughout. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to be practicing with a supportive group of friends!

Because we’ll be practicing right in our own homes, we’ll be experimenting with new types of communication to see how we can best keep in touch with each other to provide ongoing support.

We recognize that this intensive program format won’t be for everyone, and that’s why we have so many other types of YA programs including the YA weekend retreats, the monthly YA eSatsang video calls (shared on the YA eSatsang), and the YA eSatsang Facebook group. Choose what works for you!


Throughout the three months we’ll be diving into the theme of “Building the Will..” This program has two main components.

  • Virtual: You can participate virtually over a three-month period, during which we’ll be deepening our practice through a close study of one of Easwaran’s books, regular video calls, discussions, and experiments.

  • In-Person: You can also choose to attend the July Weeklong retreat , which is a precious opportunity to spend time with other meditators fine-tuning our practice and getting a huge satsang boost. Plus, you’ll also have the opportunity to attend the famous Cohort Dillon Beach weekend!

As cohorts, we will all participate in the virtual portion of the program together. We’ll be studying new material on the "Building the Will" theme, and creating our own best practices for building our cohort community.

We encourage you, if you’re able, to attend the Tomales Weeklong retreat. It’s a wonderful opportunity both to deepen your practice, and to deepen your relationships with other passage meditators.

We’ve found that if everyone commits to taking part fully in all the main Cohort events, it really deepens the experience for all of us. We bond as a group, and all benefit from the continuation from event to event.

Please prioritize the events marked with an asterisk and commit to joining for their full duration (illness and emergencies excepted!

  • *Video call in June, which introduces our Cohort theme, “Building the Will,” drawing on one of Easwaran’s books. (We’ll find the most mutually convenient time for everyone.)
  • *Ongoing communication in our book study. We’ll be deciding on which communication method we want to use – it could be video calls, an email group, a Facebook group, a text thread, or all of the above!
  • *A video call or special celebration to end the program in October.
  • *July 7–13 Weeklong Retreat in Tomales in person, or a commitment to a deepening of practice for this week at home.
  • July 13–15 Dillon Beach weekend satsang in person. This weekend is from Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. The BMCM will rent a house on Dillon Beach and we’ll create our own schedule including meditation, cooking our own meals, entertainment, and time at the beach. It’s a great way to transition after the retreat, and a lot of fun!

Our program will finish at the end of October, but as a participant in the 2018 Cohort Program you are welcome to register for the November 2–4 YA weekend retreat in Tomales free of charge.

If you don’t feel you can commit to these activities this year, you could join the monthly YA eSatsang calls and the November 2–4 YA retreat. These will give you lots of support and satsang. We look forward to seeing you.

The Cohort program is for Young Adults in their 20s and 30s who:

  • Have been making their best effort to meditate every day for the past year using passage meditation.

And have done one of the following:

  • Attended a returnee weekend retreat.
  • Attended a returnee workshop group at a YA retreat.
  • Participated in the YA Satsang for a year and have participated in at least two YA video satsangs.

If you’re taking part in person, the fee is $250 which includes the July Weeklong Retreat, the Dillon Beach weekend, and free registration for the November YA Weekend Retreat. Scholarships are available by writing to financial.aid@easwaran.org. If you attend the Dillon Beach weekend, we provide our own food which is usually about $25 each.

If you’re taking part remotely, the fee is $25.

New! For the first time, we’re offering travel scholarships for Cohorts. Our travel scholarships will cover part or all of your airfare; or gas money if you’re planning on driving here. These scholarships are made possible through generous support from donors who want to help young people travel to Tomales. To receive a travel scholarship, write to financial.aid@easwaran.org.

The program starts in June and ends in October. 

“The YA Cohort program has been an amazing experience for me. I cannot express enough how wonderful it is to be with other young people that share a similar spiritual goal. It is unlike any other connection I have known”

Chanel, Petaluma, California

“The cohort program was such an amazing way to experience what it can be like to live in a spiritual household within the context of "everyday life," as well as how to create a spiritual household regardless of whether anyone else is practicing. Being around other YAs who are all striving on the same path amidst their busy lives gave me a powerful boost to my practice and deepened my connection to those YAs and to the BMCM.”

Logan, Fort Worth, Texas

“The cohort program was transformative. I really enjoyed the company of fellow young adults. I felt like we were able to transition from an unrelated group of acquaintances to an extended family working towards a common, higher goal. I also liked how flexible the program was — I didn’t have to over-exert myself, or make unreasonable time for it during an already busy schedule. I look forward to being a part of the cohort program for many years to come!”

KR, Berkeley, California