Family Two-Day Program

Live Out the Eight Points with Your Children

This program is for families of passage meditator parents, together with their children ages 0–18.

Family & Children
Tomales, California, USA
2 days

We offer ideas and inspiration for deepening your practice of the eight points with your family. This weekend is also a great opportunity to make long-lasting friendships with other parents, children, and teens. Read about our 2017 Family Program to learn more about what it looks like in practice!

The program is held at Ramagiri Ashram, the headquarters of the BMCM, in rural Marin County.

The program will include

  • Workshops for parents (75 minutes each morning)
  • Activities for children during parent workshops (e.g., crafts based on the mantram, time in nature to experience slowing down)
  • Story-telling (e.g., about St Francis, the Buddha, or Gandhi)
  • Skits based on spiritual stories
  • Garden work
  • Videos of Easwaran
  • Mantram writing
  • Mantram singing

If your child is under four, we ask that a parent be with your child at all times.

The parents’ workshops are led by longtime passage meditators who have completed a five-year training program, and are parents or teachers.

The children’s activities are run by adults who are experienced in working with children and teens, and who use the eight points themselves in daily life.

Families in any shape or size are welcome!

We ask that

  • Each parent attending is a regular passage meditator
  • At least one parent in your family has actively taken part in the online workshop, Living Out the Eight Points With Children, in the past two years
  • At least one parent has taken part in a BMCM retreat in the past two years.

Another family member who practices passage meditation may also come with you.

The fee is $10 per person (for adults and children).


The program doesn’t include meals, so please bring your own vegetarian lunch and snacks. We provide tea and coffee – and the occasional apple from our garden!


The program doesn’t include accommodation. We recommend staying at Dillon Beach (15 minutes’ drive from Ramagiri Ashram) which has houses for rent and a campground. If you stay at Dillon Beach, you’ll have more opportunity to spend time with other families in the program.

When you register, we’ll put you in touch with other parents, and you could discuss sharing a house together. Sharing a house reduces the cost and gives extra satsang, but is totally optional!

If you’d prefer not to stay at Dillon Beach, we recommend staying in the local area: Cotati, Marshall, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, or Sebastopol.

"This program gave our family a precious opportunity to be at Ramagiri and participate in group activities with other families practicing eight points. During the program our children felt more connected with Sri Easwaran."

Raju, Rancho Santa Margarita, California

"As a longtime meditator, I had found great help via the online family  program, but to actually be at the BMCM for a few days was absolutely wonderful. My children were able to work with the mantram, pick apples, absorb the beautiful atmosphere--and most important, make friends and have fun!! Without me even asking them, they both demanded to return next year!"

Suzette, Vancouver, Canada

Ramagiri Ashram is located at 3600 Tomales-Petaluma Road in Tomales, California, about 1.5 hours drive north of San Francisco. We'll send you detailed travel information when you register.