Build Your Spiritual Community Through the Eight Points

Taking part in an internship at the BMCM will help you deepen your spiritual practice, learn more about the BMCM and Ramagiri Ashram, contribute to the BMCM’s work to help others, and experience living in a spiritual community.

Tomales, California, USA
5 days

This year, we're offering a five-day Internship for Affiliates.

This is an ideal way for Affiliates to end the July Weeklong Retreat and build a spiritual household with fellow Affiliates. Affiliate interns stay in the retreat house with about 10 other participants, spending the mornings doing volunteer work at Ramagiri Ashram, and taking free time in the afternoons for group activities or personal retreat time.

The volunteer work is done in teams and includes work such as gardening, and working on the land. Please note that this is an active work program requiring up to 3 hours of physical work each day. If a physical work program isn’t right for you, as an alternative to this program you might want to find other ways to spend more time with us like coming to an additional retreat. 

By the end of the program, you’ll have had the opportunity to:

  • Create a satsang household based on the eight points. For example, you’ll be meditating together, cooking and sharing meals, organizing your own recreation, and planning your household schedule.
  • Experience a balanced lifestyle at a slowed-down pace to help you absorb the weeklong retreat.
  • Learn more about the BMCM.
  • Participate in Ramagiri Ashram daily life.

This program is for you if you
  • Have registered for the current year's Affiliate Program
  • Will be attending the July Weeklong Retreat.

The program starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday morning.

“Staying at the retreat house for the Affiliate program following the July retreat was a real joy. The deepening of my practice that always occurs during a retreat continued and really solidified while living in a spiritual household during the Affiliate week. Now, when the ways of the world wear me down a bit, I can call up that ideal and remind myself that I can do better.”

Rollie, Kalamazoo, Michigan

“The affiliate internship brought the experience of Satsang to a new level. Living together in a small spiritual household was a unique opportunity to fully focus on our shared spiritual disciplines, deepen our practice and spend time volunteering at the BMCM.”

Fleur, Leiden, The Netherlands

“It was wonderful to deepen relationships with other long-time meditators and get greater exposure to ashram life and to living for others -- not to mention fun!”

Frank, San Francisco, California

“The Affiliate Internship is a unique opportunity to be directly involved in the work of the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation, alongside its full time staff, in an immersive environment of 8 point practice. Each participant has the hands on experience of living a fully dedicated life of service in a spiritual community formed by the participants. The satisfaction involved is immense.”

Susan, Woodland, California