Introductory Weekend Meditation Retreat

Find out what passage meditation can do for you

Easwaran describes passage meditation as a “come-as-you-are party,” and our retreats reflect that. Everyone is welcome, and we hope you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable from the start.

Tomales, California, USA
3 days

In a group of 15–25 people, you’ll take part in interactive workshops and exercises designed to help you practice what you learn.

About our style: our expertise is passage meditation, so that’s what we focus on in a simple and straightforward way. You'll go home feeling refreshed and energized, with some powerful strategies for calming your mind. We hope you’ll find the retreat to be enjoyable and practical.

By the end of the weekend you’ll have:

  • Tried out passage meditation five times (each session is 30 minutes and you can meditate on a chair or on the floor)
  • Experienced the benefits of a quieter and calmer mind
  • Memorized two passages to use in meditation
  • Developed a personal plan for maintaining a successful practice at home
  • Chosen a mantram to steady your mind throughout the day
  • Tried out a “mantram walk” on the local beach (optional)
  • Experienced a balanced schedule of learning, rest, and optional times for exercise.

The workshops are interactive, and you can speak up as much or as little as you choose. Workshops include:

  • Short presentations of key concepts
  • Small group brainstorms
  • Readings and videos of Easwaran
  • Q&A sessions
  • Individual reflection time using worksheets.

Your retreat will be facilitated by two BMCM presenters who are longtime passage meditators and have completed a five-year training program.

All are welcome. There are no prerequisites.

The standard fee is $350. The sliding scale is $275–$425.

The commuter fee (for program and meals, without accommodation) is $200.

Young Adults (20s and 30s)

The standard fee is $200. The sliding scale is $100–$300.

The commuter fee (for program and meals, without accommodation) is $100.

Sliding Scale

  • Our sliding scale means that you can choose the price that's right for you. If you can pay the standard fee, that will cover the cost of your retreat.
  • Please choose a lower fee if the standard fee is too much for you to afford.
  • If you add a donation to the standard fee, that will help others to attend – thank you!

The BMCM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All of our work is made possible by donations. While income from books and retreats covers a portion of our costs, everything we do depends on the generosity of those who benefit from Easwaran’s teachings.

Each dollar paid over the standard fee is a tax-deductible contribution. We keep all donations and fee payments confidential.

Financial Aid

You are welcome to attend this program with a scholarship if you need to pay less than the lowest end of the sliding scale. Our scholarship fund is created out of donations from generous friends to help more people attend programs.

We also offer payment plans, so you can pay your fee in installments.                                           

For either a scholarship or payment plan, please don’t register online, and instead write to or call us at 800.475.2369. We’ll get back to you within three days.


If you need to cancel your retreat, please let us know as soon as possible and we’ll refund your full fee.

The retreat starts on Friday at 4 p.m. and ends on Sunday at 2 p.m.

Check out a sample schedule.


Our retreat house is a restored bed and breakfast, set in a peaceful garden with views of rural Marin County.

We have two bedrooms at ground level reserved for retreatants who can’t climb stairs. The other 11 bedrooms are accessed via a flight of stairs. Some bedrooms have en suite bathrooms, others have a bathroom next door.

Two bedrooms on the second floor are single, and we give these to people with medical needs (to someone who uses a CPAP machine, for instance). The other bedrooms are shared with one other person. You can tell us in advance if you’d like to share a room with your friend or partner.

The workshop room and dining room are on the ground level, and the meditation room is down a flight of stairs. You can also meditate in the workshop room if you can’t climb stairs.

We provide linens, towels, and soap.


Our meals are home-cooked and vegetarian. There's lots of food to choose from, plenty to eat, and we never skimp on dessert. If you have a dietary restriction, we’ll provide a special meal.

Tea, coffee, snacks, and fresh fruit are available at all times.

"The schedule flowed nicely and we had time to be alone, yet feel connected with others. Everyone was wonderful and this past weekend I gained the knowledge, and was provided with the tools and support, to incorporate passage meditation into my everyday life. I feel excited to have been provided such a unique experience.”

Amy, Scottsdale, Arizona

“Using of mantram is already bearing fruits for me. I have reduced anxiety to a great extent. I have become a lot calmer. Everyone around me is surprised. All in one day after the retreat!”

Vishal, Santa Clara, California

“It was the right level for beginners. The facilitators handled questions graciously and thoroughly. There was enough time for fellowship. The accommodations are lovely. It met me right where I was.”

Judy, San Luis Obispo, California

“I appreciated the warm welcome and demeanor of the presenters in general.  It is easy to picture ourselves coming back again and again.  Thank you for this."

Claudia, Bellevue, Washington

Our retreat house is located in the small town of Tomales in West Marin, 55 miles north of San Francisco.

See the BMCM Retreat house in Google maps.

For information about travel by car, air, and public transit, download our travel information PDF.