DVD24: When the Mind Is Still

An hour-long talk in two parts

Easwaran describes how stilling the mind can transform our lives, and of achieving an awareness of the unity of life.

Talk 24a: When the Mind is Still: Part 1 - Easwaran, summarizes the insights and outlook of the sages of ancient India. As he unfolds these glimpses of the supreme reality, he also shows how they can transform our daily life and our world.


Talk 24b: When the Mind is Still: Part 2 - Beginning with the conundrum “If all of life is one, why do we see each other as separate?” Easwaran traces the tragic consequences of this misperception – the conflict and poverty that arise when society forgets that every life is precious and every child needs to be protected. As the awareness of unity dawns in us through meditation, our consciousness gradually expands to embrace all of life.