DVD25: Becoming Absorbed in Meditation

Courage, Confidence, and Compassion

Easwaran draws on the Dhammapada to describe total absorption in meditation, and then describes how to avoid losing the vital energy needed to attain absorption in meditation.

Talk 25a: Become Absorbed in Meditation - The most important part of this talk comes at the end, when Easwaran outlines a deep and challenging ideal in meditation – total absorption in the inspirational passage. Leading up to that, he is commenting on a practical set of verses from the Dhammapada. He presents the spiritual life as a reversal of the normal perspective, which limits our vision and life.

Talk 25b: Courage, Confidence & Compassion - This talk deals with absorption in meditation. Easwaran is exploring ways in which we can conserve our vital energy – our prana – a key to deep absorption. Prana is often drained by fear. People who attend our retreats sometimes ask; how do we deal with fear? This talk gives a fascinating answer: learn to use fear to help you avoid situations that will endanger or handicap you.