DVD41: The Wisdom of the Buddha

The Obstacles to Meditation; The Aids to Meditation

Even after decades of meditation, I still cannot get over the miracle of what precious treasures lie within our consciousness, ready to be discovered through the practice of this simple discipline.
Beginning in 1979, Easwaran’s students began to film the informal talks he gave several times each week, as well as those he gave at retreats and lectures open to the general public. Many of these talks have now been published on DVD, creating an unparalleled opportunity to watch a spiritual teacher of consummate skill, wisdom, and empathy.

He might begin with a poem by Kabir or Therese of Lisieux – or with a verse from the Bhagavad Gita, or a feature story about mountain climbers from that morning’s New York Times. But whatever his point of departure, his deeper purpose was unchanging, and that was to share with anyone whose heart was open his boundless enthusiasm for meditation and the spiritual life.

Talk 41a - The Obstacles to Meditation

Talk 41b - Aids to Meditation

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