About Nilgiri Press

Learn about the publishing arm of the BMCM, and how the Press team works to share Easwaran’s teachings around the world.


Eknath Easwaran established Nilgiri Press in 1968 as part of the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation, the nonprofit organization that he founded in 1961.

stacks of Easwaran's books

The purpose of the Press is to publish Easwaran’s talks and writings and to make them available worldwide, as print books, ebooks, and audiobooks. The Press only publishes books by Easwaran.

Easwaran authored more than thirty books, and over two million copies are in print. More than 100,000 copies of Easwaran’s print books, ebooks, and audiobooks are sold worldwide every year.

Easwaran’s most widely read books are his translations of the classics of Indian spirituality: The Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads, and The Dhammapada. His book Passage Meditation was one of the first books on meditation in the US, and he has written extensively on spiritual living in the modern world. Other books include commentaries on world mystics, a spiritual biography of Mahatma Gandhi, and anthologies of sacred poetry and prose. You can find a complete list of all his books in our bookstore.

For foreign rights requests, or permission to reproduce parts of Easwaran’s works, or trade enquiries, please contact press.bmcm@bmcm.org.

Three books: Eawaran's translations The Dhammapada, The Upanishads, and The Bhagavad Gita

Where to buy Easwaran’s books

Wherever you live, you can buy all Easwaran’s books as ebooks. Almost all Easwaran’s ebooks are available from ebook stores such as Kindle, Apple books, and Kobo. If you can’t find a book there, then you should be able to find it on the Google Play bookstore. Many books and talks are also available as audiobooks from Audible and Apple.

You can buy almost all Easwaran’s print books from the major online and physical bookstores worldwide.

If you live in the US or Canada, we invite you to buy your print books from our distribution partner, IndiePubs. You will get discounts and free shipping for larger orders, and the BMCM will also benefit financially, so this will help us all.

You can also buy all Easwaran’s books from our own website, where we offer bulk discounts. We only ship to the US from our web store because postage costs outside the US are very high.

A few of our print books are not available on IndiePubs or other retail bookstores, so you will need to order them from the BMCM store. If you live outside the US and want a print book that is only available from our BMCM store, then please email us at press.bmcm@bmcm.org with your request and we will let you know the shipping costs.

Some of Easwaran’s books have been translated into other languages. The easiest way to find a translation is to search in an online bookstore.

Our readers sometimes ask which store they should choose if they want to support the BMCM. Buying from any store helps to keep Easwaran’s books visible and accessible to readers. We’re happy for you to buy Easwaran’s books from whichever bookstore works best for you!

Eknath Easwaran

The role of the Press team

In its early years, Nilgiri Press carried out all publishing work in house, including printing, book binding, and distribution. In response to the increasing demand for Easwaran’s books, the Press moved those functions to external providers.

The Press now spends a lot of time actively managing the relationships with our printers and distributors, so that Easwaran’s teachings can reach as many people as possible. The Press also continually responds to changes in the book market, by creating ebooks and audiobooks from the original print books, for example. To keep the books looking fresh and appealing on websites and bookstore shelves, we issue new editions with new covers when needed.

We also update the format of books as standards and technology evolve – for instance, to make Easwaran’s ebooks more accessible to readers with vision impairment.

Do you have more questions?

Please contact us at press.bmcm@bmcm.org.

Thank you for reading and sharing Easwaran’s books!