• Programs Announcement

    Due to the Coronavirus situation we are suspending all retreat registrations at this time.

  • Introductory Webinar

    Our free, one-hour introductory webinars are an easy way to explore passage meditation and get your questions answered. There are no prerequisites, and everyone is welcome!

  • Returnee Weekend Meditation Retreat

    A weekend retreat restores your energy and enthusiasm for the spiritual life, so that you can be at your best and help everyone else around you.

  • Internships

    Each year we offer an internship at the BMCM in Tomales, California. This year we're offering a five-day Internship for Affiliates who'd like to experience a spiritual household and take part in activities at Ramagiri Ashram.

  • YA Cohort Program

    The Young Adult Cohort Program is for passage meditators in their 20s and 30s.

  • In-Depth Online Course: Introduction to Meditation

    This course will give you everything you need to start your practice of the eight-point program of passage meditation.

  • Returnee Online Workshop for Passage Meditators

    Our Returnee Online Workshop is an opportunity to experience worldwide spiritual fellowship and get a boost to your practice.

  • Affiliate Program

    This is the most immersive program we offer – a package of in-person and online components over three months. It could be right for you if you’re a dedicated passage meditator, you’ve attended several weeklong retreats, and you want more spiritual community.

  • Family Two-Day Program

    This program will give you ideas, inspiration, and enjoyable satsang for deepening your practice of the eight points with your family. Passage meditator parents and their children ages 0–18 are welcome.

  • Setu Half-Week Meditation Retreat

    These retreats are based on the concept of Setu (Sanskrit for “bridge”). The Setu Program says that death is not the end of life but the closing of a chapter, and that what comes next is shaped by how we think and live today. Setu retreats are for people who are over 65, or facing a life-threatening illness.

  • Weeklong Meditation Retreat

    This retreat is designed to put your meditation first, every day. For six consecutive days, you have a rare opportunity to focus completely on your practice of the eight-point program.

  • Young Adult Weekend Meditation Retreat

    Young Adult retreats (for late teens, 20s, and 30s) explore how to make your life a work of art. You’ll learn how meditation can help you right away to navigate life choices and find meaning and purpose.

  • Introductory Weekend Meditation Retreat

    Easwaran describes passage meditation as a “come-as-you-are party,” and our retreats reflect that. Everyone is welcome, and we hope you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable from the start.

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