Returnee Online Workshop for Passage Meditators

Strengthen Your Practice

Our Returnee Online Workshop is an opportunity to experience worldwide spiritual fellowship and invigorate your practice.

75 minutes

You’ll watch a live video stream of two longtime meditators and trained BMCM presenters, who will guide you through a 75-minute interactive workshop, with a focus on one of the eight points.

We hope that you’ll leave with practical tips, renewed enthusiasm, and motivation to strengthen your practice.

The Workshop will include

    • A reading study of an Easwaran article, focusing on one of the eight points
    • Reflection questions to strengthen your practice
    • Quiet mantram writing
    • A video clip of Easwaran for inspiration
    • Q&A time
    • Information about free follow-up resources

    We also invite you to meditate for 30 minutes directly before or after.

    You’ll be able to type in your comments and questions which we'll read and respond to, but we won’t be able to see or hear you. You can interact with us as much or as little as you choose.

    If you’d like to take this opportunity to create a retreat day, either by yourself or with your local spiritual fellowship group, you could create your own schedule using these sample activities.

    This Returnee Online Workshop is for people who
    1. Know the instructions in passage meditation and the eight points, and
    2. Have chosen a mantram from Easwaran's recommended list.

    We assume that those who sign up for this webinar have read Easwaran’s book Passage Mediation, are meditating daily, have a basic understanding of all the eight points, and are practicing them as Easwaran presents them in his book. Question answering sessions during the webinar will be aimed at returnee level meditators who have this fundamental understanding of the eight points.

    The standard fee is $25. The sliding scale is $0–$50.

    • Our sliding scale means that you can choose the price that's right for you. If you can pay the standard fee, that will cover the cost of your program.
    • Please choose a lower fee if the standard fee is too much for you to afford.
    • If you add a donation to the standard fee, that will help others to attend – thank you!

    The BMCM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All of our work is made possible by donations. While income from books and retreats covers a portion of our costs, everything we do depends on the generosity of those who benefit from Easwaran’s teachings.

    Each dollar paid over the standard fee is a tax-deductible contribution. We keep all donations and fee payments confidential.

    We hope you'll find that it's easy and enjoyable to take part. Very little technical expertise is needed!

    Once you've registered for the Workshop, we'll send you an email with a link to join the live event. We use Zoom software, and it takes a few minutes to download. We recommend that you join the Workshop 10 minutes early so you’re ready to join us from the beginning.

    Your operating system should be Windows XP/7/Vista or later, or Mac OS 10.6.8 or later. If you're using a mobile device or tablet, your operating system should be iOS7 or later (Apple) or Ver 6 or later (Android).

    If you’ve registered for the Workshop, you’ll receive a link to the recording a few days after the live event.

    "Being with others who are practicing the program developed by Easwaran – even if only via a short webinar – is a real blessing; it's helped me grow in my determination and enthusiasm for my own practice. Mantram writing was something specific I took away from this webinar. Since then I've begun to use it almost daily to help calm my mind."

    Graham, Black Diamond, Canada

    "I found the webinar provided the support I need for my spiritual practice. For me, it had very similar qualities to the in person retreats. I thought the follow up support emails and phones calls were very helpful. As always, the presenters were very thorough and thoughtful. I highly recommend these programs."

    Brian, Oxford, Ohio

    "When I started this journey, spiritual companionship consisted of retreats and satsang. The webinars have been a big step forward: live learning and interaction with fellow seekers without the need to physically travel."

    Dick, Reno, Nevada