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These mantrams were carefully chosen by Easwaran and are to be used just as they are written here. They are short, simple, and powerful, and come out of a long, established tradition.

The mantrams are in blue, under each faith tradition. The meaning/background and pronunciation follow the mantram. Please see our mantram FAQs if you have questions about choosing or using a mantram.


Om mani padme hum

Meaning: “The jewel in the lotus of the heart”
Pronounced: ohm maa-nee paad-may hoom

Namu Amidabutsu 

Meaning: “I put my faith in the Buddha of infinite light”
Pronounced: nah-moo a-meed-a-boot-soo



Meaning: The name of Jesus

Ave Maria or Hail Mary

Background: “Ave Maria” means "Hail Mary," a mantram in honor of Mother Mary
Pronounced: aa-vay maa-ree-aa

My God and my all or Deus meus et omnia

Background: "Deus meus et omnia" means "My God and my all," a phrase that was used by Saint Francis in his prayers
Pronounced: day-oos may-oos et ohm-nee-ah

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us

Background: The Jesus prayer

Kyrie eleison or Gospodi pomilui

Meaning: “Lord, have mercy”
Pronounced: kee-ree-yay aye-lay-saan or goh-spoh-dee poh-mee-loy

Om Yesu Christu or Yesu Christu

Meaning: (Om) Jesus Christ
Background: A mantram used by Christians in Kerala, India
Pronounced: (ohm) yay-soo kris-too



Meaning: “The Lord as the source of abiding joy”
Pronounced: rah-ma

Haré Rama, Haré Rama, Rama Rama, Haré Haré, Haré Krishna, Haré Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Haré Haré

Background: This was the mantram used by Easwaran and his spiritual teacher, his Granny.
Meaning: All are names of Vishnu: “The Lord who steals our hearts, who is the source of joy, who draws us.”
Pronounced: ha-ray raa-ma, ha-ray raa-ma, raa-ma raa-ma, ha-ray ha-ray, ha-ray kri-shna, ha-ray kri-shna, kri-shna kri-shna, ha-ray ha-ray

Om Sri Ram jai Ram jai jai Ram

Meaning: “May joy prevail”
Pronounced: ohm shree raam jay raam jay jay raam

Om namah Shivaya

Meaning: “I bow to Lord Shiva”
Pronounced: ohm naa-ma shi-vaa-ya

Om Bhavani

Background: A mantram in honor of the Divine Mother
Pronounced: ohm baa-vaa-nee


Barukh attah Adonai

Meaning: “Blessed art thou, O Lord”
Pronounced: baa-rook aa-taa aa-doh-nai

Ribono shel olam

Meaning: “Lord of the universe”
Pronounced: rib-on-oh shell oh-lam


Allahu akbar

Meaning: “God is great”
Pronounced: aa-laa-hoo ak-bar


Meaning: The name of God
Pronounced: aa-lah

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Meaning: “In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate”
Pronounced: bis-mi-lah eer-rah-maan eer-rah-eem
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