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By supporting the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation, you’re keeping Eknath Easwaran’s inspiration active in the world. 

A Call to Our Deepest Capacities

We have the privilege of living in pivotal times. The effect of our individual choices is far-reaching, now and into the future. More than ever, people are searching for ways to meet the challenge and promise of each day with courage, confidence, and compassion.

Through Eknath Easwaran’s teachings, we can discover capacities for love, service, and wisdom we didn’t know we had, and share them with those around us. Your support and participation in this life-changing, world-healing work is a gift to all.

How You Can Help

The profound changes in our world inspired us to create new offerings for you to access Easwaran’s support and wisdom. 

Everything we do depends on the generosity of those who benefit from Easwaran’s teachings. The global crisis has affected our finances – and we know it may have affected yours too. 

If you are in a position to donate, your gift will support us through a transformation in how we share Easwaran's teachings to meet the needs of the times. Our priority at the BMCM has been creating new offerings to help provide continuing support in an era of much change:

Your gift will help us to achieve all of this:

  • Continue to offer free resources for inspiration, such as the Blue Mountain Journal, the Easwaran Digital Library, introductory webinars, weekly programs and more.

  • Keep Easwaran’s teachings available by investing in our infrastructure and keeping pace with changing technologies – in our archives, publishing, free offerings, and many other areas.

  • Maintain the simple, beautiful, transformative way of life Easwaran established at Ramagiri Ashram, so that it can continue as a vibrant center of intensive practice and a spiritual touchstone for people around the world.

  • Build our financial foundation for the future to provide continuity and resilience in a changing world.

It has been our joy and passion to share Easwaran’s teachings and to support those who live them out. With your help, we can support generations to come.

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Making a monthly gift to the BMCM is a powerful way to keep Easwaran's inspiration flowing to all, and to join with others who are helping to build a kinder, nobler world.

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