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The Easwaran Digital Library offers access to an extensive archive of Easwaran’s audio and video talks. We invite you to enjoy these talks and absorb his timeless teachings.

Launched in 2017, the Easwaran Digital Library (EDL) is a free subscription, offering rich video and audio talks previously unavailable to our worldwide audience. The BMCM archive has thousands of video and audio recordings of Easwaran’s talks spanning the 1960s through to the late 1990s. Our goal is to share these talks as freely and widely as possible. Whether you’re a longtime meditator or are new to Easwaran’s teachings, the EDL offers a special opportunity to experience Easwaran’s classes.

Watching Easwaran in a video talk or listening to him in an audio recording is very different from reading an article or a book. You’re hearing directly from him, and you can see his teaching style and his relationship with his audience. In the Library talks, Easwaran is speaking to his close students on a number of key teaching themes including the teachings of the mystics, spiritual living, and his own eight-point program of passage meditation. 

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New audio and video talks are posted every two weeks and remain available for six months. Once you have an account you can visit the EDL website at www.easwaranlibrary.org.

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