Weeklong Online Retreat

Building Spiritual Resilience in Troubled Times

This retreat is designed to support you in putting your meditation first, every day, within your own unique home environment. For five consecutive days, you have a rare opportunity to focus completely on weaving your practice of the eight-point program into the world you live in.

Weeklong Online

5 days

In our troubled times your meditation practice is vitally important. Your absorption in timeless inspirational passages enables you to tap into the source of courage and wisdom within you, and by weaving the eight points throughout your days you support everyone around you. This retreat is designed to help you take your practice – and your contribution to others – to a new depth.

This five-day retreat helps you build the daily habit of studying Easwaran’s books and talks. You will be able to absorb yourself more profoundly in the passages that are shaping your practice, steep yourself in Easwaran’s teachings, develop your spiritual schedule, and reach a new level of commitment to your supreme goal.

The theme of this retreat is “Building Spiritual Resilience in Troubled Times.”  

Your online Zoom sessions will include time for silent study followed by workshops that balance immersion in Easwaran’s teachings, extended mantram practice and absorption in passages, and interactive opportunities to practice using Easwaran’s teachings in real life situations. Your retreat group will focus on one of the eight points each day. 

In your offline practicum time at home, you will be able to directly apply what Easwaran is saying to you in the retreat to enrich your home life and infuse it with your highest spiritual ideals. 

By the end of the week you will have

  • Experienced joining in our online spiritual community and following a schedule that naturally slows and focuses your mind
  • Immersed yourself in Easwaran’s books and talks
  • Experienced the benefits of a regular routine of morning and evening meditation, with the other seven points woven in between
  • Found new ways of integrating the eight points into your life in the supportive company of other passage meditators
  • Developed a personal plan for using aspects of this immersive experience at home over the coming year.

Your retreat will be facilitated by BMCM presenters who have dedicated their lives to this practice and completed a comprehensive, long-term training program.

The retreat consists of five half-day Zoom sessions (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday) with recommended offline practicum time to work on activities at home. All times below are Pacific Standard Time.

  • 9:00 Silent study offline (in-home, optional)
  • 9:30 Zoom based workshops (with break)
  • 12:00 Zoom call ends, meditation begins, followed by self-selected spiritual enrichment activities. 

Note** We ask that you also attend a 45 minute retreat orientation a week before the retreat. 

A Weeklong Online Retreat is a good fit for you if you meet the following prerequisites: 

  • Daily passage meditation for the past 12 months, and
  • Attendance at a Returnee Weekend Online Retreat or a Weeklong Online Retreat within the last 4 years.
  • Attend a 45 minute orientation session the week before the retreat.

Please contact us if you have any questions about meeting the prerequisites. 

Times when it's best not to attend a Weeklong Retreat

We can all find ourselves facing extreme crises which cause us to be emotionally or psychologically stressed – times of intense inner turmoil, depression, or grief. At these times, a Weeklong Retreat will be too intense. Instead, regular participation in BMCM Satsang Live – even participating twice a week – will help you get replenished and regain your equilibrium.


The standard fee is $250. The sliding scale is $150–$350.

The maximum enrollment for this retreat is 20. Enrollment requests over 20 will be put on a waiting list. The minimum enrollment to hold this retreat is 8.

Explanation of Sliding Scale

  • Our sliding scale means that you can choose the price that's right for you. If you can pay the standard fee, that will cover the cost of your retreat.
  • Please choose a lower fee if the standard fee is too much for you to afford.
  • If you add a donation to the standard fee, that will help others to attend – thank you!

The BMCM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All of our work is made possible by donations. While income from books and retreats covers a portion of our costs, everything we do depends on the generosity of those who benefit from Easwaran’s teachings.

Each dollar paid over the standard fee is a tax-deductible contribution. We keep all donations and fee payments confidential.

Financial Aid

You're welcome to attend this program with a scholarship if you need to pay less than the lowest end of the sliding scale. Our scholarship fund is created out of donations from generous friends to help more people attend programs.

We also offer payment plans, so you can pay your fee in installments.                                           

For either a scholarship or payment plan, please don’t register online, and instead write to financial.aid@easwaran.org or call us at 800.475.2369. We’ll get back to you within three days.


If you need to cancel your retreat, please let us know as soon as possible and we’ll refund your full fee.