About Ramagiri Ashram

The residential spiritual community of the BMCM


Easwaran established his ashram in 1970 in Northern California as a residential spiritual community where people could meditate together under his guidance for the purpose of realizing the supreme goal of life. He called the property Ramagiri, a Sanskrit word meaning “Hills of Joy.” The BMCM offices and ashram buildings are located on the same property.

Easwaran lived and meditated in Ramagiri until his passing in 1999. His wife, Christine Easwaran, was a Life Trustee and acted as Easwaran’s chosen representative after 1999, guiding the future of the ashram and the BMCM until her passing in August 2022. By that time she had prepared her transition and handed over all her responsibilities to the Board of Trustees. 

The ashram is surrounded by an extended community that includes longtime passage meditators who have chosen to move to Tomales and other nearby towns. 

You can find interviews with some of the longtime members of the ashram in our “Quietly Changing the World” series.

Meditators going into Shanti, our meditation hall.

FAQ: Ramagiri Ashram

Ashram residents aspire to live out Easwaran’s teachings, immersed in his program for realizing the supreme goal. They observe the four ashram touchstones: morning and evening meditation together, spiritual fellowship of the communal evening meal, and gathering together in the evening for inspiration from Easwaran.

Ashram residents are responsible for their own physical, financial, and emotional well-being.  Ramagiri is not a monastic community, so some residents are married and others are single. Each resident has a private room, and all share common spaces.

Residents pay for room and household/meal fees, and participate in volunteer teams for community chores such as cooking and gardening.

Some ashram residents are retired, some are employed by the BMCM, and others work in the outside community.

We’re always happy to know people are interested in finding out more about Easwaran, the BMCM, and the ashram. At the same time, we aim to preserve a peaceful atmosphere within the ashram for pursuing spiritual goals. This is a long-term residential community, and we don’t have facilities for short-term stays.

Unfortunately because of Covid we are currently not open to visitors to the BMCM and the ashram. Please call us at 707 878 2369 or email us for updates.

Easwaran is the only spiritual teacher and spiritual director of the BMCM in perpetuity. The ashram is organized to enable residents to turn continuously to his teachings for guidance in their spiritual practice.


To preserve the ashram as a living repository of Easwaran's legacy, we welcome new residents who have been approved by the Board of Trustees, and who meet a number of prerequisites including longtime participation in our programs. To find out more please contact us at info@bmcm.org.

“This place has been hallowed by our lives and work here all these thirty years. Shanti, our meditation hall, has been made sacred by all the devotion we have poured out at the feet of the Lord. Some mathematical wizard has calculated all the hours I have spent in Shanti with you in meditation.

“All this is part of this place now, and I hope it will be a deep well of pure water for many generations to come.” – Eknath Easwaran