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Explore Easwaran’s teachings on using your practice of the eight points to inspire the children in your life to live out their high ideals.


Featured Easwaran Article

  • What Do Children Need?

    Easwaran describes the most important gifts we can give to our children and teenagers – gifts which will improve all our relationships.

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Easwaran's Teachings on Children & Family

  • Bringing Our Children Up Wisely

    Easwaran describes three stages in the upbringing of children. He explains what we can do to help them grow up to be secure and selfless.

  • The Aims of Education

    In this audio talk, Easwaran comments on the aims of education according to the ancient Indian tradition: to gain peace of mind, to live in harmony with others, and to live in harmony with our environment.

  • The Power of the Mantram

    Easwaran explains how he came to use a mantram, overcoming his skepticism and discovering its power. He explains what a mantram is and how to use it.

Featured Easwaran Video

  • The Gift of Time

    In this 10-minute video, Easwaran gives tips on the best way to entertain children – by slowing down and working with them.

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Featured BMCM Community Story

  • Eight-Point Program Parenting

    Adam and Emily share how they are using the eight points to find balance, unity, and spiritual growth in their life with a new baby.

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More Stories From the BMCM Community

  • The Difference the Mantram Makes

    Myron shares how the mantram and meditation have helped him to transform his agitation at a family gathering.

  • Working With Children & the Eight Points

    Stephanie shares how she integrates all the eight points into her classroom at a Montessori preschool.

  • Coming Home: Rediscovering Easwaran and Passage Meditation

    Sara shares how she first learned about Easwaran and passage meditation as a child, and then embraced it herself as a young adult.

Ideas & Inspiration for Sharing the Mantram

  • Resources for Using the Mantram With Children

    The mantram is one of the most valuable gifts you can give your children – at any age! This page has everything you need to share a mantram practice.

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Featured Passage for Meditation

  • Discourse on Good Will

    This is an ideal passage to read aloud or memorize with children. It includes the wish that all beings should be “filled with joy and peace.”

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More Passages About Children & Families

  • Let Me Walk in Beauty

    Chief Yellow Lark

  • The Whole World Is Your Own

    Sri Sarada Devi

  • Her Heart Is Full of Joy

    Saint Teresa of Avila

  • Shine through Us

    Cardinal Newman

  • Setu Prayer

    Eknath Easwaran

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