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Building selfless, loving relationships is a skill we all can learn. Easwaran’s teachings on relationships show you how to become a more patient, loving person, and include practical tips you can start using today.


Featured Easwaran Article

  • A Love That Lasts

    All relationships require a great deal of patient, selfless work, Easwaran explains in this article. He also shares how the capacity for this work is within each and everyone of us.

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Easwaran's Teachings on Community & Relationships

  • Choose Kindness

    Being kind doesn’t mean being a doormat, Easwaran explains. He gives tips on training your mind to be strong, calm, and compassionate in all situations.

  • Living in Harmony With Others & Ourselves

    In this audio talk, Easwaran shares anecdotes and strategies for finding harmony with others and ourselves in daily life.

  • Dealing Calmly With Criticism

    In this four-minute video clip, Easwaran offers practical advice, and a touch of humor, to help us face criticism with a calm, inquisitive mind.

Featured BMCM Community Story

  • Seeking Unity Within Disagreement

    In this interview, Drew shares the different ways his spiritual practice helps him find unity with those around him.

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More Stories From the BMCM Community

  • Building Trust & Digging In

    Systematically and enthusiastically, Jim and Beth have been using their relationship as a training ground for learning to love the whole world.

  • The Mantram as a Tool for Transforming Difficult Relationships

    Chris shares how she used the mantram to stay kind over the long haul in a difficult working relationship.

  • The Path to Detachment

    Sheryl describes how she transformed a negative tendency into a more loving one, using her practice of the eight points.

Featured Passage for Meditation

  • You Must Forget Yourself in Prayer

    This short passage from Jewish mysticism goes to the heart of cultivating harmony in all our relationships.

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More Passages About Community & Relationships

  • Finding Unity

    Lao Tzu

  • Self-Surrender

    Mahatma Gandhi

  • Give Up Anger

    The Dhammapada

  • Four Things That Bring Much Inward Peace

    Thomas à Kempis

  • The Way of Love

    The Bhagavad Gita

  • Lord, I Bring Thee My Treasure

    Mechthild of Magdeburg

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