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Easwaran’s Talks & Writings

Whether you’re a longtime meditator or are new to Easwaran’s teachings, the BMCM offers you access to an extensive archive of Easwaran’s audio and video talks. We invite you to enjoy these talks and absorb his timeless teachings.

The BMCM archive has thousands of audio and video recordings of Easwaran’s talks spanning the 1960s through to the late 1990s. Our goal is to share these talks as freely and widely as possible.

Listening to Easwaran teach through an audio or video talk is a very different experience from reading an article or a book. You’re hearing directly from Easwaran himself, and you can see his teaching style and his relationship with his audience.

By learning from Easwaran through all these media formats – not only the written word but also audio and video – you absorb Easwaran’s inspiration as he urges us gently but insistently to keep striving in our practice, seeking steady progress on the spiritual path.

We offer different options for accessing audio and video talks to meet the different needs of our audience. If you’re new to Easwaran’s talks, or want a short boost of inspiration, your first step could be to watch and listen to the five and ten-minute clips on our website. This section also includes some longer talks, perfect for both longtime meditators and newcomers.

We also offer two subscription channels for accessing audio and video, described below. All these options are available free of charge.

We encourage you to find the option that works best for you and that gives you the inspiration you need!

Video of the Month

Our free Video of the Month subscription features 30-minute videos on key spiritual themes,  edited to convey Easwaran’s core messages. Nearly all these videos are subtitled.

Each month you’ll receive a video file which you can download and watch over and over again whether or not you’re online.

These talks are suitable for everyone, whether you’re new to Easwaran’s teachings or a longtime meditator.

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Easwaran Digital Library

The Easwaran Digital Library is another free subscription, offering rich video and audio talks previously unavailable to our worldwide audience. In the Library talks, Easwaran is speaking to his close students about the teachings of the mystics, spiritual living, and his own eight-point program of passage meditation.

These talks have been curated to cover Easwaran’s signature themes across all the different decades of his teaching. The talks are available to watch online and new content is added every two weeks. These talks are not available for download and we are unable to offer subtitles.

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