The Winding Road to My Peaceful Life

By Marta

Stories From Meditators

Read how three events helped Marta continue re-discovering her commitment to Easwaran's eight-point program, with a little help from her satsang friends.

Seven years ago, my life was on a dead end street. After years of working hard as a geologist in several countries of South America, I was a very “successful” executive, working for a major corporation as the Knowledge Manager, making a lot of money, fancy restaurants, travelling business class, but of course with a lot of responsibilities, available 24/7 and… sleeping pills, anti-anxiety pills, no kids, no permanent relationships, etc.

I was feeling very lonely, empty and unhappy. Interestingly enough, most of the people around me would have given anything for my job and my lifestyle. That made me totally confused and with the sensation of having wasted my life, but also with the sensation that I was missing something. There had to be another way, there had to be something else. I had to do something.

I quit my job, joined a yoga center, and there, there was a workshop on meditation, based on the Spanish edition of the book Meditation and the eight-point program. Thank God I joined it! We covered one point per week, and at that time, with no job, I had the time to really dig deep on every point, and observe my old life, my spontaneous reactions to external stimulus, and how easily I used to lose my patience with others. It was an extraordinary, profound period of introspection, but of all the eight points, Slowing Down changed my life forever. I swore to myself not to do anything in a hurry ever again, with the same determination as Scarlet O’Hara showed in the movie “Gone With the Wind” when she said “I’ll never be hungry again.”

That event was really important, and it helped me very much to redirect my life; but after a couple of years, Easwaran’s company and teachings began to fade. Since I couldn't find fellowship and I didn't have anyone to talk with about spiritual matters, the inertia of my old habits was pulling at me strongly to repeat the same mistakes as before.


The second event was three years ago. One night, probably discouraged, looking for answers again, I discovered the eSatsang on the BMCM website, and joined right away.

It was so refreshing, so interesting to see how people from different cultures, languages, ages were telling very similar stories, and similar to mine, of how this guidance transformed their lives. I learned how perseverance is key in the spiritual life and I began my practice again with a lot of enthusiasm, and re-read Meditation in Spanish. I paid a lot of attention to all eight points of the program. I began to have a better, deeper relationship. I proved the fact that the more you give, the more you receive, probably in another moment, from another source… and my life improved again, but still, I wasn't able to meditate every day, and I could notice how, in the periods of no meditating, the harmony around me began to fade little by little.

The third event was nine months ago. Always visiting the BMCM website and curious about all the resources available, I read an article in the News section about the voice of the audiobooks, and something in that article impressed me enough to make me start meditating every single day since then – I couldn't say exactly what, but I think it was to see people who had been meditating for 25 years, people younger than me. I realized I was wasting precious time.

Today, I’m living in Canada with the most wonderful man and his kids, I teach geology online and enjoy a very peaceful life in and out. I know there is still a long way to go, and that life will always bring me new challenges, but at least I know I’m on the right path.

My point with this article is to highlight the importance of spiritual fellowship. If I hadn’t found the BMCM website, who knows? I’m pretty sure I would be a different person, maybe not as loving, patient and generous as I am now (or try to be.) And the people around me, for whom I think I’m a good influence, would have lost that benefit too.

It is important to make Easwaran’s teachings reach as many people as possible, because the more people know about him, the more conscious, happy, loving people there will be and we will end up with a much better world. So thank you so much for your work.