Work & Purpose

We each have a unique contribution to give to the world, regardless of our occupation, career path, or lifestyle. Read teachings from Easwaran that can help you deepen your understanding of this theme.


Featured Easwaran Talk

  • Spiritual Education & Right Occupation

    Addressing the age-old question, “What should I do with my life?”, Easwaran shows us in this 30-minute audio talk how the great mystics of the world can help us find answers.

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Easwaran's Teachings on Work & Purpose

  • Spiritual Revolution

    A spiritual revolution is needed now more than ever, Easwaran says, and “We can all play a part in this peaceful revolution by practicing the spiritual disciplines which have come down the centuries in the great religions of the world.”

  • Raja Yoga

    Meditation makes us kings and queens of our own lives, Easwaran explains in this seven-minute video clip. We gradually bring our thoughts under our control, enabling us to make our fullest contribution to life.

  • I Give, Therefore I Am

    “The more you look upon your life as a trust for the benefit of others,” Easwaran says in this article, “the less complicated – and the more effective and satisfying – your work and relationships will become.”

Featured Passage for Meditation

  • Whatever You Do

    This passage from the Bhagavad Gita focuses on the transformational change that can occur when you see all of your work in the world as an offering to the Lord.

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More Passages About Work & Purpose

  • The Best

    Lao Tzu

  • You Are Christ’s Hands

    Saint Teresa of Avila

  • Twin Verses

    The Dhammapada

  • The Shining Essence

    Fakhruddin Araqi

  • Evening Prayer for the Sabbath

    Jewish Liturgy

Featured BMCM Community Story

  • Slowing Down in a Busy Workplace

    Merritt shares how her practice of the eight points, specifically Slowing Down, has helped her handle difficult conversations at work.

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More Stories From the BMCM Community

  • Using the Eight Points to Live Simply

    Cath shares all the practical ways in which she’s integrated the eight points into her everyday life, helping her to live simply.

  • Giving Attention & Gaining Energy

    Kurt shares how he uses the eight points throughout his day to manage his energy, so he can be effective and efficient in completing a major project.

  • Meditation & Meaning in Work

    Susheelkumar describes how he established a daily passage meditation practice, and the results he’s seen in his personal and work life.

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