DVD02: Saint Francis: Becoming an Instrument of Peace

In Giving We Receive; Instrument of Peace

Easwaran uses examples of the world’s problems to illustrate that “it is in giving that we receive.”; and he presents the Prayer of Saint Francis as a road map for a life of peace.

Talk 2a: In Giving We Receive - Easwaran refers to some of the serious problems facing the world when he gave this talk, such as ethnic conflict in the former Yugoslavia. In his commentary on the second stanza of the Saint Francis prayer, he points out the underlying cause of such conflicts, and offers a commonsense, spiritual solution that can help us today.

Talk 2b:  Instrument of Peace - Easwaran presents the Prayer of Saint Francis as a road map, with directions for a life of peace for us as individuals, as families, as communities, and as nations. He concentrates on the first stanza of the prayer, which he presents as a guide to “a total way of life” and “an entire course in how to love.”