DVD07: Real-Life Stories of Transcendence

The True Spirit of Worship; The Art of Union with Reality

Easwaran explores the theme, central to many traditions, of worship, offering and sacrifice. Easwaran explains the practical application of some fundamental spiritual ideas.

Talk 7a:  The True Spirit of Worship - Easwaran had just undergone painful oral surgery, and he uses the story as an opportunity to examine the life-transforming concept of yajna, a Sanskrit word that can be defined as “worship, offering, or sacrifice.”  This ideal, of offering the best of oneself to the world and to God, is central to many of the world’s spiritual traditions.

Talk 7b: The Art of Union with Reality - Easwaran explores the fundamentals of mysticism and their practical implications for daily life. By applying these principles, we can gain remarkable benefits both for ourselves and for the world.