DVD09: The Noblest Life

The Life of the Buddha

Easwaran’s warm narration of the Buddha’s life story gives us a map for our own spiritual progress, and exploring the force of love.

Talk 9a: The Life of the Buddha: Part One - Easwaran narrates the story of the Compassionate Buddha with great warmth, a wealth of detail, and even, it seems, a personal familiarity. He identifies deeply with the Buddha, and sees in the Buddha’s life story a map for his own spiritual development. Similarly, this talk can help us to find a map for our own progress toward spiritual fulfillment.

Talk 9b: The Life of the Buddha: Part Two - Easwaran pays homage to the tremendous force of love released by the Buddha’s life. This force, he says, continues to be active today,  “when little people like you and me practice meditation, act on his teachings, and aspire to leave the world a little better than we found it.”