DVD14: Learning to Live in Unity with All

The Dance of Life; The Perennial Philosophy

Easwaran talks of the unification of desires and seeing beneath the surface of life, and then he shows us how to act effectively in daily life using the central truths that underlie all religions.

Talk 14a: The Dance of Life - Easwaran presents another aspect of the universal practice of mysticism: the power of love to awaken us to the unity of life. Using quotations that were especially important to him in his early spiritual practice, he shows that this capacity to see beneath the surface of life comes to those who learn to taste the joy of selflessness and unify their desires.

Talk 14b: The Perennial Philosophy - Easwaran lays out the fundamental positions of what Aldous Huxley called The Perennial Philosophy, a set of central truths that underlie all religions.   Easwaran presents the practice of spiritual disciplines as our means to realize these truths, and to act on them effectively in daily life.