DVD15: Great Christian Mystics

Saint Anselm: Teach Me to Seek Thee; The Art of Prayer

Easwaran provides hope for those times when the spiritual path seems too difficult, and he uses writings from Christian mystics to illustrate how to overcome spiritual obstacles through meditation.

Talk 15a: Saint Anselm: Teach Me to Seek Thee - Easwaran provides consolation and hope for those moments on the spiritual path when the goal seems out of reach and the climb too steep. He is commenting on a prayer by St. Anselm (1033‑1109), a defining figure of medieval Christianity. This passage, with its touching combination of humility and certainty, describes the deepest aspects of spiritual practice.

Talk 15b: The Art of Prayer - Easwaran comments on selections from an anthology of writings by Eastern Orthodox Christian mystics, continuing the theme of overcoming spiritual obstacles through meditation. In these writings, Easwaran finds parallels to experiences and insights which have been described by many great mystics, and with which he himself was thoroughly familiar.