DVD17: The Transforming Power of Prayer

To Love is to Know is to Act; Gandhi, the Man of God

Easwaran draws inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi to illustrate the power of true devotion; he talks of Gandhi’s inner spiritual growth as being even more significant than his tremendous external achievements.

Talk 17a: To Love Is to Know is to ActEaswaran draws upon the inspiration of Mahatma Gandhi as an exemplar of true devotion, or bhakti. Bhakti is far more than sentimental emotion. It is a vibrant state of health and effectiveness in which action, knowledge, and love are fused into a force that leads to great selfless achievements. To develop such devotion requires a growing capacity to get absorbed in meditation, or contemplative prayer as it is called in some traditions.

Talk 17b: Gandhi, Man of God - This talk expresses Easwaran’s profound appreciation for Mahatma Gandhi’s spiritual depths. He has chosen excerpts from Gandhi’s writings that reveal the restless striving for growth that marked Gandhi’s inner life. Though this interior work rarely receives as much attention as Gandhi’s tremendous external achievements, Easwaran considers Gandhi first and foremost a “spiritual giant.”