DVD18: The Spiritual Adventure

Exploring Inner Space; Four Stages of Spiritual Growth

Easwaran uses the familiar ideas of space travel to describe our journey through the inner world to discover our real Self; after a life-threatening illness, Easwaran describes the four stages of his spiritual growth.

Talk 18a: Exploring Inner SpaceEaswaran uses the simile of space travel to describe the adventure of self-discovery. His tone is playful and often humorous, but his insights go right to the deepest and most practical questions of the spiritual life.  Though only a few people can be astronauts, all of us have the capacity to be “atmanauts” using meditation and the allied disciplines to voyage through the inner world and discover our real Self, called the Atman in Sanskrit.

Talk 18b: Four Stages of Spiritual GrowthEaswaran returned to public speaking after a life-threatening health crisis, and his talks from this period are both urgent and profound, conveying a sense that he bears a message desperately needed by the world. Here he divides the history of his spiritual growth into four stages, to which he gives names drawn from the Indian mystical tradition.