DVD30: The Spiritual Fight

Seeing Life Clearly

Easwaran comments on the Dhammapada’s last chapter “Cross the River Bravely,” then he draws on the Buddha to illustrate how we can deepen meditation by not dwelling on ourselves.

Talk 30a: The Spiritual Fight - Easwaran is commenting on the last chapter of the Dhammapada, in which the Buddha tells us to cross the river bravely – to face and overcome our inner obstacles on the path of sadhana, or spiritual practice. A person who practices spiritual disciplines is considered a sadhak. Later in the talk, Easwaran presents the tools we need most for this difficult challenge – meditation and the use of the mantram.

Talk 30b: Seeing Life Clearly - Easwaran explores how we can deepen our meditation by reducing the degree to which we dwell on ourselves. This talk was given on the occasion of the Buddha’s birthday, so Easwaran takes up several of the points of the Buddha’s Eightfold Path. During the talk, Easwaran refers to a South Indian dance concert he had attended in Berkeley the night before with many of his friends.