DVD33: Patience and Beauty

The Climax of Spiritual Evolution

Easwaran talks of the control of self-will as the essence of a truly beautiful person, and of our striving towards a beauty that time cannot touch.

Talk 33a: Patience and Beauty - Easwaran points to the dangers of excessive self-will. He maintains that the number one danger is anger, in all its forms; sulking, saying unkind words, and exhibiting surly behavior. The key is to not let self-will grow through the regular systematic practice of spiritual disciplines.

Talk 33b: The Climax of Spiritual Evolution - In this talk on the Dhammapada, Easwaran focuses on the deepest part of ourselves that is always striving to evolve towards more wisdom and beauty. He uses a Sanskrit word, Kala, which means time, in the context of speaking about a beauty that time cannot touch. He then refers to a pun used by the Indian mystic Sri Ramakrishna. The spiritual life is not the reading of granthas (books) but the untying of granthis (knots – referring to the knots in our consciousness from which we are released as we move towards the climax of spiritual evolution, called nirvana or samadhi).