DVD34: Make Your Life a Gift

Building Security

Easwaran shows how we can make our own lives an example – the best gift we can give; he also talks of security as coming from goodwill, understanding, and service.

Talk 34a: Make Your Life a Gift - Easwaran speaks about four great verses, or laws, from the Dhammapada. The theme is that when we learn to live in harmony with these laws, we flourish, we help those around us to flourish, we find the lasting joy that comes out of love for all, and we express this love in tireless service for all.


Talk 34b: Building Security - Easwaran says that we build our own security when we learn to look at both sides of a conflict with detachment, seeing others not as adversaries or individual opponents, but as two parties to be brought together in goodwill and understanding. He points out that we become healthier, more secure, more loved and more respected whenever we take up opportunities for service, even when under difficult circumstances.