DVD35: Tips for Deepening Meditation

The Spiritual Victory

Easwaran gives a master class on improving our meditation, and talks of the root cause of distractions in meditation.

Talk 35a: Tips for Deepening Meditation - Easwaran concentrates on practical suggestions for improving our meditation practice. Foremost, he wants us to remember we have a choice at all times to ask: “Shall I do what is pleasing, appealing only to me, or shall I choose to do what will benefit all?” By choosing the latter, our meditation will deepen.


Talk 35b: The Spiritual Victory - Easwaran talks about practical tips for deepening meditation. He reminds us that, as we go deeper in meditation, we will hit some rather large distractions – and in fact, they are really samskaras. These are deep tendencies to particular ways of thinking, usually negative, self-willed, dug over many years. He tells us: don’t get rattled when these come up – this is what we have been training for. Instead, be regular in our practice, give our very best, and cultivate our desire for greater effort, until victory over our samskaras is won.