Strategic Plan:
2012 – 2016

Young Adult Outreach, Digital Library, & Transition

The BMCM Vision for 2100

The 2012 plan was launched with three initiatives to help the BMCM move into the future, using new technology, working with the next generation of BMCM staff, and meeting the needs of a growing worldwide audience. All three initiatives were successfully completed and we’re pleased to share the outcomes.

Young Adult Outreach

With the launch of the Young Adult (YA) Outreach initiative, the BMCM focused on creating communications, resources, and programs that would speak specifically to our audience of young people in their 20s and 30s. We were delighted to find that these efforts strengthened our whole community, not only among our YAs but also across the full age span!

The Young Adult team that helped with the website redesign.

Here are some of the results from this initiative:

  • In early 2013, we launched the YA Blog, sharing stories from the worldwide community. This blog created some of the content now found in the Community Stories on, and was the earliest version of our current Wednesdays With the BMCM weekly email.
  • The Cohort Program was established to support Young Adults in going deeper in their practice. Gathering YAs together for online workshops, a weeklong retreat, and an immersion living program, this program has just launched its fourth year of Cohorts!
  • The YA Outreach team coordinated with the Programs Department in the development of our first ever introductory webinar. These efforts have blossomed into our current broad range of online programs which supports newcomers and long-time meditators.
  • YA Outreach played a central role in the creation of this website,! Working with all departments across the organization, a central team of YA volunteers embraced the opportunity to re-imagine our website, and this is the finished product.

Easwaran Digital Library

Over four decades, Easwaran gave regular talks that were recorded for future generations. The purpose of the Easwaran Digital Library was to find a way to share this rich collection of audio and video talks with you – our worldwide audience.

In early 2017, we launched the Easwaran Digital Library and made it open to the public. Offering free access to previously unpublished talks, this resource shares the breadth and depth of Easwaran’s teachings with students everywhere.

Easwaran Digital Library Homepage

Within a few weeks of the library launch, hundreds of users across the world created accounts, logging in to learn directly from Easwaran himself.

Welcome to the Easwaran Digital Library!

Learn more about the Library's history, and what it offers.


Easwaran asked us to “pass the torch blazing” from generation to generation, so that the BMCM can carry on his work to make the world a better place for “our children and our children’s children.”  

The BMCM has been involved in a slow and steady transition of trained leadership over the past 10 years. A successful transition must be based on dedicated practice of the eight points and working closely and harmoniously together.

Here are some results from this initiative:

  • New second generation staff now lead our departments and teams in almost all areas, including our President’s Office. They also sit on the Board of Trustees. These leaders are deeply committed passage meditators who have come up through our retreats and programs, and have worked closely with the first generation leadership team throughout the transition.
  • First generation students hold emeritus positions and continue to contribute to the mission work of the Center. Their commitment and loyalty to Easwaran’s work remains an inspiration to us all.
  • As Life Trustee, Christine Easwaran ensures that we hold Easwaran and his teachings firmly at the center of all we do as we plan for a vibrant future.  

BMCM Staff photo, November 2016

Strategic Plan: 2017 – 2019

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