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What is the eSatsang?

“In Sanskrit, this sharing is called satsang. The word derives from two smaller words: sat, meaning ‘the good’ or ‘truth’ or ‘reality’, and sanga, meaning ‘group’ or ‘association’. It signifies the seekers of the highest, banded together.”
– Eknath Easwaran

The eSatsang is a weekly email which offers a video or reading by Easwaran, a discussion question and experiment, and a place to share your reflections with fellow passage meditators. The theme of Easwaran’s teachings varies from month to month, and each week you’ll have a chance to apply the theme to your own life. 

 This group is right for you if you know the instructions in passage meditation and you’ve already started practicing.

If You're New to Meditation

If you’re new to passage meditation, you can get started with our free online resources. Please try our online course and free webinar to give you a boost.
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