I Am the One Who Will Never Forget You

Psalm 119

Passages for Meditation

How blessed are those whose way is pure,
Who walk along the path you have shown them.
How blessed are those who hear your voice,
who seek your care with all their hearts.
I pray that my ways please you,
that they be set according to your ways.

My soul cleaves to the dust;
my eyes stare into the night.
O giver of life!
I have prayed, and you have answered;
I have wept, and you have given me strength.
O Lord, remove the darkness from my soul
and show me the light of your truth.

May your love and kindness find shelter
in the depths of my heart.
May your word be my salvation.
O Lord, do not take the truth from my lips,
keep it with me
so I may sing your glory forever.

I will walk freely, speaking to all who seek your wisdom;
I will tell of your miracle to kings and princes,
and I will not be daunted.
I will delight in your wisdom,
I will reach out my hand for your touch,
and I will hold on to your every word.
How great is my fortune,
How great are the gifts that come from you.

Your hands made me and fashioned me;
show me the truth,
and the wisdom to know your will.
Let the people who love you see me and be glad;
for they will know that I am your messenger,
that I come to speak your words.

O Lord, I know that every hardship along the way
is for me to grow in your love.
May I find delight in all you give me,
May I comfort all those who turn in my direction,
May my joy be complete
and your Name forever on my lips.

My soul longs to know you again;
I stand here hoping for a sign,
hoping for a thread to hang on to . . .
My sight has grown dim searching for you.
When will you come?
When will you show yourself to me?
I may shrivel up like a wineskin,
I may be hounded by countless lies,
I may be swept from the face of this earth,
but I will never turn away from you.
What was I born for if not to follow you?
What is there to live for if not your undying love?
O Lord come alive in my heart—
Come alive so that we may,
once again,
be as one.

O Lord, your Word is eternal.
It is fixed in the heavens,
It stands as firm as the earth.
It has fulfilled the prayers of every generation.
O Lord, without the strength that comes
from your Name,
I surely would have perished long ago.

I will never forget your teachings,
for through them you have come alive within me.
I may see the heavens fall,
I may see the earth crumble,
I may see all creation come to an end,
but I will stand, forever here,
as your servant.

O Lord, I hold your love with me all the time.
It makes me strong,
It cuts through my doubts,
It gives me great insight
and the wisdom of a sage,
It keeps me on the right path.
How sweet is your love to my taste,
sweeter than honey to my lips!
O Lord what is there without your love?
Without your love there is nothing
but the taste of bitterness.

O Lord, you are a lamp to my feet,
a light on my path.
Wherever you go, there I have sworn to follow.
I know the way may be steep
and the journey filled with pain,
but every step of the way
you will give me strength.
O Lord, how can I ever hope to repay you?
All I can offer is folded hands
and the readiness to do as you bid me.
You are my everlasting inheritance;
you are the joy of my life.
I stand here resolved, to do as you command,
I follow the path
that leads me back to you.

Thou art my shield and my hiding place.
Thou art my sole protector.
Thou art my only support.
O Lord, banish all evil from my mind
and replace it with the yearning to know you.
Give me faith and humility
and keep me free from harm.
What use is this life without you?
You are all that is safe,
you are all that is true.

All my life I have looked for you.
Could you let these eyes fail
before they have rested upon your form?
Could you forsake me that way?
O Lord, be kind to your servant –
show yourself to me.
This is my truth, this is my life,
this is what I want more
than all the world has to offer.

Every word that comes from your lips
fills me with wonder.
And here I sit, waiting to do as you bid me.
Your words shine;
they illumine those in despair;
they give understanding to the simple.
I am out of breath calling for you. . . .

Turn in my direction
and fill me with your grace.
I am knocking – answer:
for this is the promise
you have given to all those who love you.
O Lord, fulfill your promise –
keep my feet on the path that leads to your glory.
Do not let anything take me away.
Let the glory of your splendor
be seen by this servant of yours . . .
If I go my own way
and do not follow your laws
then let me suffer,
let me wail,
let my eyes run down with a flood of tears.

I cry out with my whole heart – answer me, O Lord!
Save me, from this ocean of darkness.
Show me the way out.
I rise before dawn and wait to hear your voice.
My eyes stay open past the midnight watch,
so that I might come to know all you have taught me.

You are so near, my Lord;
you are the eternal support;
you are the Supreme goal . . .
I have but one prayer:
that every step I take
be a step toward you.

My heart stands in awe of you,
and I am filled with joy whenever I hear your Name.
Seven times a day I praise thee;
seven times a day I remember the justice of your care.
Those who love everything you give,
find great peace,
and nothing causes them to stumble.
Here I am, do with me as you will,
for all my life lies open before thee.

Let these tears of mine reach you,
let these supplications be seen by you.
Let my tongue sing of your glory,
and let my life be a testimony of your kindness . . .

O Lord, where is my salvation?
Where is this life bringing me?
If I go astray like a lost sheep, look for me.
Look for me O Lord!
For I am your servant;
I am the one who will never forget you,
I am the one who will never forget your love.

The Bible’s Book of Psalms is a compilation of 150 hymns attributed to several ancient authors over a period of about a thousand years. Since earliest times it has formed a core component of Jewish and Christian liturgy. This passage is published in Easwaran’s spiritual anthology, “Timeless Wisdom.” The audio recording is by Eknath Easwaran’s wife, Christine Easwaran.