Lord, You Are My God

Psalm 63

Passages for Meditation

Lord, you are my God.
From dawn I seek you.
My soul thirsts for you,
Like earth dry and parched,
Without water.
I have contemplated you
In the sanctuary,
I have seen your power and glory.
Your love is worth more than life;
Your praise will stay on my lips.
All my life I will bless you;
Lifting my hands, I will call your name.
I will be satisfied as by a feast;
Joyfully I will sing your praise.
In the night I remember you.
I spend hours speaking to you.
Truly you have come to my aid;
I shout for joy in the shadow of your wings.
My soul clings to you;
Your right hand holds me up.

The Bible’s Book of Psalms is a compilation of 150 hymns attributed to several ancient authors over a period of about a thousand years. Since earliest times it has formed a core component of Jewish and Christian liturgy. This passage is published in Easwaran’s spiritual anthology, “Timeless Wisdom.” The audio recording is by Eknath Easwaran’s wife, Christine Easwaran.