The Path to Your Dwelling


Passages for Meditation

How am I to come to you
When I stand outside a locked gate?
The path to your dwelling
Runs steep and dangerous.
In fear I climb, step by step,
The path to your dwelling,
So steep and dangerous.
O Lord, you seem so far away
That my mind goes up and down.
As I climb, the sentinels watch
And the robbers wait to waylay me.
Though the path to your dwelling
Is steep and dangerous,
You have called me home.
Meera’s wanderings are ended.
She has found her way to your feet.

Meera (c. 1498-1547) is one of India’s best-loved mystic poets, famous for her songs to Krishna. This passage is published in Easwaran’s spiritual anthologies, “God Makes the Rivers to Flow” and “Timeless Wisdom.” The audio recording is by Eknath Easwaran’s wife, Christine Easwaran.