The Compassionate Universe

The Power of the Individual to Heal the Environment

This book shows you to be a trustee of the earth and of yourself.

Easwaran describes his search for a way of life that combines inner fulfillment, respect for nature, and effective participation in the world. Then he presents the fruit of that search: a comprehensive program of trusteeship. This is environmentalism as a great adventure, filled with the challenges and rewards of inner growth. “As trustees,” he writes, “we discover that each of us is a unique and essential member of a compassionate universe.”

This is one of those books that hit the nail right on the head for me. It integrates meditation, personal responsibility, and ecology into a message that I think our world desperately needs. It's an easy read with no esoteric Buddhist philosophy that in the past has made me bleed at the ears. Rather, it's practical, heart-felt, warm, and inviting. It's helped me to move from simple acceptance to real compassion.