Conquest of Mind

Take Charge of Your Thoughts & Reshape Your Life Through Meditation

Getting caught in unwanted thoughts and emotions can feel like an inevitable part of life. But Easwaran shows a way to break free.

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Easwaran explains how the mind works, and how it can be changed, using meditation and other spiritual disciplines to shape a secure personality and a resilient, loving mind.

With humor and empathy, Easwaran places timeless teachings from the Buddha and other mystics into contemporary scenes – watching a juggler on the street, taking a tennis lesson, going to the theater. Training the mind brings deepening relationships, increasing vitality, and a greater sense of purpose. When you work with difficult colleagues, go out to eat, or respond to a child’s needs, you can now try out different, wiser choices. 


The audiobook includes Chapters 1-10 of the print book, but omits Chapters 11-13, which were added in 2010. It is read by Paul Bazely, a professional actor and longtime student of Easwaran.

This book was recommended to me after my first wife died. I was very unhappy with my life. In a very practical, step by step, manner I got control of my mind and then my life. The trek began as "make me feel better" but moved to the spiritual desire to realize what is best in me. It is not religious. A psychologist who uses this method personally and recommends it to patients who are spiritually inclined called the Eight Point Program explicated in this book, "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy done better.” The work is an edited series of lectures given by Eknath Easwaran during his "focus on what is" period. It is the first helpful book on life I ever read and I return to it frequently. I think it is the only book I've read more than 4 times.