Love Never Faileth

Commentaries on texts from St Francis, St Paul, St Augustine & Mother Teresa

"Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace"

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Is it possible for ordinary people like ourselves to be kind, patient, and loving – always? Easwaran comments on short texts from Saint Paul, Mother Teresa, Saint Augustine, and Saint Francis to show how we can apply the teachings of these great mystics in our daily lives.

Easwaran explains how the practice of meditation can help us find the strength and compassion we need at any time, even when we are tired, frustrated, or filled with doubt.

Chapter introductions provide insights into the life and teaching of each mystic.

A powerful self-help book... This book offers practical ways in clear language to renew ourselves when the going gets tough… He passes to the reader a feeling of serenity and wisdom.

The Western New York Catholic

This wonderful and beautiful trilogy sheds new light on classic Christian texts and individuals. If you're allergic to Christianity, these books will allow you to view the religion in a more tolerant and enlightened perspective. Easwaran's Eastern take on the subjects will both give Christians a different approach to their tradition, and non-Christians a more accessible outlet in which to understand these traditions.