Words to Live By

Daily Inspiration for Spiritual Living

These short readings, one for each day of the year, offer deep inspiration to develop a more spiritually grounded lifestyle.

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In the midst of our busy world we need islands of calm. Each of these daily readings is paired with a quotation from one of the world’s great philosophers, poets, saints, and sages. Easwaran's commentaries show how the wisdom of the ages can guide us in our own lives.

Augustine and Einstein, Emily Dickinson and Jalaladdin Rumi, Biblical verses, Buddhist sutras, Hasidic proverbs, and Hindu Upanishads can all be found here. As we go through the year with Easwaran some days will be joyful, some will be hard, but each one can further our journey. One day at a time is enough.

I get so much joy from reading the daily devotionals. I have given this as a gift to well over 15 friends of all faiths and they all have been very moved by the readings.

Wonderful daily thought provoking reading that help you keep life in perspective. Spiritual without being overly religious!