Strength in the Storm

Transform Stress, Live in Balance & Find Peace of Mind

You can’t always control what life sends you, but you can choose how you respond.

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In this very practical book, Easwaran shows you how to quieten the agitation in your mind so that you can weather any storm.

You learn to calm the mind through practice – there’s no magic about it. You already have immense inner resources for dealing with what life throws at you – but you have to learn how to release them.

This book contains six chapters on themes such as living in the present, freeing yourself from worry and resentment, nourishing the mind, and using your resources to make a better world. Each chapter also includes: 

  • An introduction by Christine Easwaran, placing Easwaran’s wisdom into a contemporary context 
  • Real-life stories showing how people are using these skills and benefiting from them today 
  • A practical worksheet with key ideas, points to practice, and inspiration

The audiobook is abridged: it contains the first three chapters (the essays by Easwaran), but omits Christine Easwaran’s introduction to the book and to each chapter, the real-life stories, the worksheet and points to practice, and the final three chapters of the book. It is read by Paul Bazely, a professional actor and longtime student of Easwaran.

Easwaran offers a great deal of inspiration and many insightful teachings in this short talk. The focus is on unlocking the deep resources present within a calm mind. This is an excellent look at the need for living in the now, the use of a mantra and the practice of meditation. 

To me, the author's thoughts on just doing one thing at a time and keeping the attention on the present moment are both powerful and timely in our current day world of multitasking and constant worry. A deceptively simple program that requires frequent replays to grasp all it has to offer. Highly recommended.


An excellent book for all those who sincerely desire peace, both within themselves and the world.

Arun Gandhi, Founder, M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

In Strength in the Storm . . . Easwaran writes from the heart with great warmth. This book will appeal to readers who are seeking genuine support in difficult times. Easwaran has a deep understanding of people’s needs, and you can feel that he talks and teaches from personal experience.

Branches of Light

Easwaran's books have literally changed every aspect of my life for the better. I regularly give Easwaran's books to friends and family, and this is the one I always choose for anyone going through a crisis. It's true to its title!

Easwaran gives clear instructions on learning simple spiritual tools, like a mantram, which anyone can do – no matter how stressed out they are. There are stories from people who have used the tools in difficult times, and helpful questions at the end of each chapter, so you can figure out how to integrate the practice into your life.

I gave this book to a friend facing a serious illness several years ago, and she told me it was what got her through. She used her mantram constantly and still does. She gave the book to her doctor after her surgery, and recommended that he give it to all his patients!

I also like the cover and design - it makes it a pleasure to read and a wonderful gift.