God Makes the Rivers to Flow

An Anthology of the World's Sacred Poetry and Prose

Easwaran selected these passages for us to use in passage meditation. They come from the sacred literature of the world, and include passages from Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, and Native American traditions. The book contains notes on each mystic and passage, and suggestions for passages to use in various circumstances in life.

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God Makes the Rivers to Flow is a core book that we use in all of our retreats and programs.                

You can also read the passages for daily inspiration, for their insights into other spiritual traditions, and for the light they throw on how to live. But they are most powerful when you use them in meditation.

“The passages become lifelines, guiding you to the source of wisdom deep within and then guiding you back into daily life . . . This is the secret of meditation: you become what you meditate on.” – Eknath Easwaran

Eknath Easwaran was a wonderful teacher who taught passage meditation, memorizing and repeating to oneself sacred writings. These writings are drawn from many of the great religious traditions. In the last few years of my aging mother's life, she and I spent many hours reading these passages together, meditating on them, and discussing them. We had our favorites and when one of us was travelling, we would agree to meditate on one or two particular ones at the same time wherever we were. At her death, I recited many of these passages to her to bring her peace. She died more than a decade ago but these passages still evoke that beautiful time in my mind and I am grateful for this beautiful resource of passages. I find that everything in this book is a source of peace when I read and meditation on it.


Easwaran's Meditation was my introduction to him and his extensive contribution. My life altered from reading that book! No book (before or since) has ever had that kind of impact on me. I began summarily to read absolutely everything he has ever written, translated or compiled. His is a genius and a writing style so accessible, yet so penetrating. He brings "being one with God" to life! Easwaran's eight steps are the cornerstones for my life. This book contains passages to be memorized and used in meditation.... hence "passage meditation." Many passages in this book surface on a day-to-day basis just when I most need them. I am grateful to this man and to those who are keeping Eknath Easwaran's work alive. Dive in! You will never be disappointed.


This book is incandescent with insight and inspiration. It reveals a common wisdom uniting the great spiritual traditions of the world, which is a much-needed realization in our troubled times.

Larry Dossey, MD