Timeless Wisdom

Passages for Meditation from the World's Saints & Sages

Timeless Wisdom is an abridged version of God Makes the Rivers to Flow, Easwaran’s selection of passages for meditation.

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Ideal as an inspirational gift, or if you enjoy reading or memorizing passages while traveling, Timeless Wisdom includes 95 passages from God Makes the Rivers to Flow plus nine new ones. Universal, positive, practical, and uplifting, these passages express the ideals of love, steadfastness, and wisdom. 

“The passages become lifelines, guiding you to the source of wisdom deep within and then guiding you back into daily life . . . This is the secret of meditation: you become what you meditate on.” – Eknath Easwaran 

God Makes the Rivers to Flow, or Timeless Wisdom?

If you are starting a passage meditation practice, or plan to attend a passage meditation retreat, we recommend the full, unabridged God Makes the Rivers to Flow. It has supplementary material helpful to passage meditators and is used in all our programs.

You might choose Timeless Wisdom if you want a more portable book of passages, or a gift for a friend who is not yet interested in learning passage meditation.