Making of a Teacher

Conversations with Eknath Easwaran (Authors: Tim & Carol Flinders)

"The Making of a Teacher" is the story of Easwaran’s own spiritual development and transformation, based on conversations with two of his long-time students.

Recalling his childhood village in India, he describes in loving detail the unlettered woman who was his spiritual teacher – his beloved Granny – and the quiet artistry with which she prepared him to be “the king’s messenger.” Vividly, he recalls the moment in his adult life when “suddenly, for no apparent reason, everything I had held meaningful in life turned to ashes” – and the subsequent discovery that though his teacher had shed her body she had not left him at all. 

Illustrated with dozens of photographs, including pictures of Easwaran’s village in India, his ancestral home and family and his college classmates.

While the book is pure joy to read, its real value is in how it explores with crisp reality the process of Easwaran's conversion from being a satisfied intellectual to a practicing contemplative.

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