With My Love and Blessings

The Teaching Years, 1966-1999 in Photographs and His Own Words

"With My Love and Blessings" is an intimate book which helps you build your own relationship with Sri Easwaran.

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Readers and students of Easwaran often say that they wish they had been able to meet him while he was physically with us. In this book, watch him over the years as he quietly directs the evolution of Ramagiri ashram and the BMCM. Observe him walking with friends on Dillon Beach, teaching class, playing with ashram children, patting an ashram dog, supervising all the activities of a thriving community, sharing his wisdom with thousands of earnest students, then as now. Open this book whenever you need encouragement and inspiration, and it will not fail you. 

"With my love and blessings" is how Easwaran concluded his letters to close students in the last years of his life. Published in October 2000, With My Love and Blessings was assembled under the loving guidance of Christine Easwaran, drawing from the thousands of photographs and transcribed talks, letters, dictations, and notes in the archives of the BMCM and the personal collections of longtime students. It is a tribute to the eternal legacy of the life of Sri Eknath Easwaran.

With My Love and Blessings is a major achievement. The Blue Mountain Center has always produced beautiful books. This book, however, is amazing. The intimacy of the photographs collected here – those of Easwaran, the Blue Mountain Meditation Center, and the beautiful coastline around Pt. Reyes ­– adds a dimension to the writings that I'm so glad I've not missed. This must have been an expensive project, made possible by generous financial contributions, I would imagine, that the price could not possibly cover. What I'm saying is that my sense of gratitude is deep. Bless you for all the love and effort that went into this monumental volume.