The Constant Companion / Names of the Lord

The Thousand Names of Vishnu

The Constant Companion is a book of daily inspirations – short, personal reminders that divinity can be found all around you, if you only look.

Easwaran talks in his videos about the Thousand Names of Vishnu (The Lord), and this book contains many of his commentaries.

In each piece, Easwaran selects from India's traditional Thousand Names of The Lord and shows that these are not only names of God, but also aspects of the spark of divinity within you. The Lord is an inner friend whose love and support you can never lose. This book, too, will serve as a constant companion to help you see God in the faces and events of everyday life.

Eastern mystic and meditation expert Eknath Easwaran's The Constant Companion is a deeply spiritual, 375-page treatise about the universal nature of the Lord. Drawing heavily upon Hindu tradition, The Constant Companion looks upon the Lord as The Lawgiver, the Tree of Life, the Destroyer of Evil, the Maker of Reality, and many other names in its vignette-style meditations on God and the Universe. A thoughtful, insightful and inspirationally engaging book, The Constant Companion is enhanced for the western reader with a Guide To Sanskrit Pronunciation and a Glossary.

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