Join the 2017 Celebration of Easwaran’s Life & Teachings


Every year since Easwaran shed his body in 1999, October has been a special month at the BMCM for giving thanks for his life and rededicating ourselves to his teachings. This year, we want to expand this celebration to invite all of you – Easwaran’s worldwide audience – to join us!

On October 28, a local group in Tomales will gather at Ramagiri Ashram with Christine Easwaran to share readings, watch a video, and meditate together. We invite you to set aside time for your own celebration – whether that be a special dedication of your morning meditation, taking a day for a personal retreat, or organizing an event with friends.

Eknath Easwaran and his wife Christine on a walk at Ramagiri Ashram.

In preparation for the celebration at the end of the month, Easwaran’s students around the world will be taking time to reflect and study in whatever way works for them. To support everyone in their study, we’ve put together a short, flexible curriculum that we can each use in any way that we like.

The curriculum is centered on the newest edition of the Blue Mountain Journal entitled “Teacher and Student.” This Journal focuses on Easwaran’s relationship with his granny, who was his spiritual teacher, as well as on Easwaran’s own role as a spiritual teacher for all of us.  The Journal is full of deep insights in articles from Easwaran, along with beautiful stories from his students from around the world.

Blue Mountain Journal

Read the new edition "Teacher and Student"

We’ll also be studying the passage Life of My Life by Meera, which we invite you to memorize and use in your meditation.

We’re hoping that, collectively, we can all take some time to dive deep and reflect on the impact that Easwaran and his teachings have had on our lives. This experience is a wonderful complement to the BMCM’s new strategic plan, intended to help us all gain a deeper understanding of Easwaran’s teachings – so this is the perfect time to dive in.

Please read on to learn about the celebration day, the curriculum, and how you can join in!

How Can the Curriculum Be Used?

Any way you like! You can go through the curriculum week by week, all at once, or at whatever pace works for you. You could study by yourself or with a fellow passage meditator. If you don’t have any meditators in your area, perhaps you could connect online. You could also use this material with your local satsang, either making it part of your regular meetings, or holding a special event like a half-day or daylong satsang.

Though there is something special about syncing up in time, there is no need to feel bound to the October 28 celebration date in Tomales, California. Pick the timing that works best for you!

What Does the Celebration Curriculum Contain?

The celebration curriculum contains three modules. You can choose to study the material weekly, by following Wednesdays With the BMCM, the eSatsang, or the YA eSatsang, or you can choose to use it in your own way, however you like.

Module #1: Reading Study

This module offers a reading study of the article “The Need for a Teacher” from the most recent Blue Mountain Journal. The curriculum contains reflection and discussion questions as well as an experiment you can try.

Example Discussion Question From the Curriculum: In the article, Easwaran compares the spiritual teacher to a mountain climbing guide. Reflect on your life since you’ve been following Easwaran’s teachings. In what ways have Easwaran's teachings guided you on your journey? Are there specific instances that come to mind?

  • Module #1 Curriculum (PDF)
  • Reading: “The Need for a Teacher” (webpage or PDF)

Module #2: Participate in the Celebration

This module guides you through planning how you would like to participate in the October 28 Celebration of Easwaran’s Life and Teachings. Regardless of whether you do something on that particular day, it provides you with lots of ideas about how you can take time to do something special.

The local group in Tomales will be meditating together at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. If you can, we encourage you to join us in spirit by meditating at the same time wherever you are. If you’d like, you can join the online community via this Facebook event.

The BMCM has created a special Easwaran video for the event. The video will be a great resource for your own celebration!

Module #3: Reflect and Share

This module helps you to reflect on your experience of taking time to reflect on your practice, and the impact that Easwaran and his teachings have had on your life.

We encourage you to share with others in the BMCM community via the eSatsang, YA eSatsang, the Easwaran Facebook page, or below in the comments section of this very story!

  • Module #3 Curriculum (PDF)

Join the Celebration

We’re closing with this brief excerpt from the Journal. We hope you find that this time of reflection and focus on your spiritual practice deepens your own connection with Easwaran and his teachings.

Whenever righteousness declines and the world loses its way, the Lord has promised to come to restore the scriptures and show us a way from darkness to light, from untruth to truth, from death to immortality.

It need not be as a divine incarnation. Even in little people like you and me, the Lord can come to life. By ourselves we are nothing, but every one of us can become a little lamp that shines like a beacon for all around to follow.

When people are drawn to me, it is not because of any personal magnetism but because my teacher, my grandmother, has lit the lamp in my heart.

You have always to remember that a teacher is as eager to have dedicated pupils as the student is to find an illumined teacher. To such disciples, the wise teacher gives with both hands the greatest of gifts.

To those who have faith in me, I shall continue to guide them because I believe this life that is ending is only a chapter in the saga of my spiritual evolution.

May God bless all of you to find the peace that I have been enabled to find through my grandmother’s guidance.